justin hadad


For 45 days in summer 2021, I worked as a content creator, photographer, restaurant reviewer, and occasional beer taster for the East Coast Greenway. I helped advertise the trail while cycling (and sometimes driving) along it, reaching all the way to Manhattan, NY from Chapel Hill, NC.

I took it upon myself to write creatively along the way. My stories and reflections, disjoint and ungainly, are in the "blog" section. And as I was privileged to try some amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries en route, I endeavored to create the self-explanatory "justin's michelin guide to the east coast."

Coolest job ever.


justin's michelin guide to the east coast

You can find and save the recommended locations from the map below. Click here to view the map in your browser.

If you want to learn more about my trip, you can reach out to me here.