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NB: Some recommendations may no longer be available. All beer hyperlinks send you to Untappd, a website that lets you review and track your drinks. I am not sponsored by them, though I'd like to be.

5. Alchemist and Barrister, Princeton, NJ

Good beer seems pretty unbecoming of Princeton. Just off the historic Nassau Street, though, you can find a solid drink––and a darn good chicken sandwich––at the locally renowned Alchemist and Barrister. Beware: soccer football fans get pretty rowdy there.

Recommendation: Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale, a bourbon-barrel aged golden ale.

4. Ardent, Richmond, VA

There’s nothing better than a kind brewer who lets you try all the beer. Well, I thought that, until the other brewer told me that he had written a short story and offered to share it with me––there’s really nothing better than that. The beer was good, too.

Recommendation: Honey Ginger, an herbed beer with locally sourced honey and hand-peeled ginger.

3. Bonners Irish Pub, Philadelphia, PA

Quaint Irish pub that screams a sense of belonging to Philadelphia, so much so that I’m surprised it claims Irish descent. People were pretty mean there, which I heard in Philadelphia means they’re nice.

Recommendation: The Citywide Special (you have no other choice), a shot of whiskey mixed into a PBR.

2. Lynnwood Brewing Concern, Raleigh, NC

If you thought Raleigh was only known for its tech, college towns, and family homes, think again. Lynnwood was packed to the brim, and when I asked the bartender how he handled an 8-person queue at 4 p.m., he responded, “You should see what it’ll be like tomorrow.” I did; he was right. Lynnwood seems pretty packed, all the time, and for good reasons: good drinks, big TVs, and lots of dogs.

Recommendation: Mosaic Pale Ale, a solid single hop with fruity aromas.

1. The Veil, Richmond, VA

Stop at The Veil if you can. Phenomenal drinks, open space, kind people, and a surplus of food trucks.

Recommendation: Tootie Rebelz, a smoothie-style sour that tastes like Fruity Pebbles.