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Varia is a Latin word that means the “catchall,” or more literally, “various things.” I listed my favorite activities and things of the sort below.

5. Bossa Nova, Brooklyn, NY

If it looks like a bar, smells like a bar, and serves drinks like a bar, then it's probably a bar. Unless it’s Bossa Nova. I have no idea what Bossa Nova is, really. It’s basically a bar but with EDM music and smoke pumping through it, so much so that you can’t see your hands. Nonetheless, it was an absurdly fun time, and I recommend you go, if that’s your scene.

4. Belle Isle Bike Park, Richmond, VA

Belle Isle is literally an island––you have to cross a suspension bridge to get there. So, when I found a bike park there, I was stunned. I would share more, but you’ve already seen me there––remember when I fell off my bike?

3. Rucker Park, Harlem, NY

Arguably the most famous basketball court in the world, Rucker Park features NBA players, Instagram celebrities, and commentators. No, not famous commentators who play in the games––locals who commentate over the games being played at the park. When I was there, Jason Williams (“White Chocolate”) and a few big-time high school players were there. My friend Kimathi took a video of me shooting around, which I'll use as proof of my attendance.

You caught me––I'm not wearing the Chacos. I thrifted a pair of basketball shoes just to play at Rucker Park. And it was worth it.

2. Bankshot, Fredericksburg, VA

I mentioned Bankshot in two blog posts already. The eight-plus hoop stations are designed so that all kids can play, all the time. You can find the court at John Lee Pratt Park, though there are other locations scattered across the country.

Ball not included, though the Confederate Flag that overhangs it is.

1. VITAL, Brooklyn, NY

First floor: rock walls, gym, snack station, locker rooms. Roof: bar, restaurant, more rock walls, New York City skyline. An absolutely unreal place.

The $1,200/year pricetag is hilariously steep, but somehow seems worth it.