justin hadad

travel diaries (1)

I was a guest researcher at the University of Zurich from November 2021 to February 2022. I had expected to begin work in October, but my permit had been delayed (COVID, governments) and I still had a flight to London. So I decided to just make the trip northeastward and figure it out later.

In the month-plus it took the government to sort out my situation, I backpacked around rather aimlessly, and eventually made my way into Switzerland. Below are my stories, grouped somewhat geographically and ordered chronologically.

For the important bit that will likely bleed through: I was having a horrible time. I am incredibly grateful I was afforded the chance to do this (this was all made possible by undergrad scholarship funding, whose effect was delayed till after my graduation because of COVID) and I, ex post, am incredibly lucky to have learned so much about myself in a short period of time. But please keep in mind that throughout the below I was suffering. Memories are the stories we tell ourselves, and I've chosen to tell myself and you these.